Tatiana Kisseleva

Tatiana Kisseleva, M.D., Ph.D

Key collaborator and liver cell biology expert

Samsara Sciences collaborates actively with the laboratory of Dr. Tatiana Kisseleva at UCSD. The Kisseleva lab, including Dr. Xiao Liu, Karin Diggle and Lisa Rising, are experts in stellate cell biology and lead collaborative efforts aimed at phenotypic and functional characterization of stellate cells and understanding their role in homeostasis and pathogenesis.

Tatiana Kisseleva obtained her MD and was trained as a liver surgeon at Russian University of Friendship (Moscow, Russia). She then studied biochemistry and immunology at Christian-Albrecht University (Kiel, Germany), where she received her Ph.D. Dr. Kisseleva was trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Columbia University, and later joined the UCSD faculty as an Assistant Professor of Surgery where she studies pathogenesis of liver fibrosis. The major interest of Dr. Kisseleva’s research is the characterization of the origin of fibrogenic myofibroblasts in fibrotic liver, and identification of new targets for anti-fibrotic therapy. Her recent studies have demonstrated that during regression of alcohol-induced liver fibrosis hepatic myofibroblasts inactivate, e.g. stop producing collagen Type I, and revert into a quiescent-like state. Characterization of the mechanism of myofibroblast inactivation may further advance our understanding of pathogenesis of liver fibrosis, and provide novel therapeutic approaches.


Key Publications

Tatiana Kisseleva and team

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From left to right: Karin Diggle, Xiao Liu and Tatiana Kisseleva.