Primary Human Hepatocytes

Hepatocytes, or parenchymal cells, are the most prevalent cell type of the liver, representing about 60% of all cells and about 80% of the mass. Hepatocytes are large cells, 25-30µm in size, that contain numerous mitochondria, lysosomes, peroxisomes, Golgi complexes, aggregates of smooth and rough endoplasmic reticulum, and abundant microfilaments and microtubules. These cells are responsible for most of the synthetic and metabolic functions of the liver, and are frequently used in vitro to assess drug or chemical metabolism and/or safety. While adult hepatocytes retain a high capacity for replication in vivo, they have a limited capacity for expansion in vitro, and are typically used in short-term in vitro studies or incorporated into multi-cellular and/or three-dimensional culture systems to extend longevity and preserve function. Samsara Sciences’ cryopreserved primary human hepatocytes are coming soon.


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