Inflammation Grade*Fibrosis Score*NAFLD
Inflammation Grade*Fibrosis Score*NAFLD
Inflammation Grade*Fibrosis Score*NAFLD
Inflammation Grade*Fibrosis Score*NAFLD
HL160016Near normal0.66 / M12.8Muscular Dystrophy000FFPE, LEC
HL160018Near normal35 / F24.7None000FFPE, SFT
HL150002Near normal,
24 / M22.9None0-100FFPE, SC
HL160026Near normal25 / F26Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Lung Transplant000FFPE, SFT, SCp2
HL160033Near normal22 / M29.1Acute Drug Toxicity, Metabolic acidosis000FFPE, SFT
HL170057Near normal35 / F22.2Anoxia / drowning000FFPE, SFT, LEC, HCP
HL170063Near normal59 / F27.4ICH / Stroke000FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC, HCS
HL180067Near normal12 / M17.7Head trauma000FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC
HL180070Near normal52 / F35.4ICH / Stroke000FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC, HCS
HL170044Near Normal, minimal periportal inflammation47 / M32.9Anoxia0-100FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC, HCS
HL150004Near normal, ductal plate malformation54 / M32None110FFPE, SC
HL150006Near Normal, Vascular outflow defect31 / F28.7Sepsis (confirmed)100FFPE
HL150008Near normal59 / M34None100-1FFPE, SFT, SC
HL150010Inflammmation (mild)69 / M21Diabetes (Type 2), Hypertension, Renal Failure100FFPE, SFT, SC
HL160020Inflammation (mild,
43 / M23.8None100FFPE, SFT, SC
HL160023Inflammation (mild, chronic), bile duct
57 / M27Diabetes (Type 2) Hypertension100FFPE, SFT, SC
HL160034Inflammation (mild,
57 / F35.2Cardiac Arrest/ Anoxia100FFPE, SFT, HCS , LEC, SC, KC
HL160036Inflammation (mild)25 / M30.8Acute Drug Toxicity0-100FFPE, SFT, SC, EC
HL160038Minimal portal inflammation23 / M30.56Head Trauma / GSW100SC, LEC
HL170047No steatohepatitis, Very mild portal inflammation.34 / M23Anoxia/ respiratory failure100FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC,HCS
HL170062Minimal portal, focal periductal fibrosis79 / F27.8ICH / Stroke100FFPE, SFT, KC, LEC, HC
HL160037Inflammation (mild, portal)47 / F34.6Hypertension100-1FFPE, SFT, HCS , LEC
HL170051Minimal portal inflammation64 / M37.2GERD, Depression, Orchidectomy for testicular cancer (2002 cured)101FFPE, SFT, HCP, SC, LEC
HL180068Minimal steatosis59 / F36.2Anoxia / Cardiac arrest101FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC
HL170052Peri-portal iron with stage 0-1 fibrosis, minimal portal inflammation29 / M23.1Chronic alcoholism10-11FFPE, SFT, LEC
HL160031Inflammation (mild), oxidative/toxic injury, fibrosis42 / M24.1GERD120FFPE, SFT, SC, HCP
HL160025Inflammation (mild), glycogen accumulation70 / M25.6None1-200FFPE, SFT, SC, HCP , LEC
HL160019Inflammation (mild)53 / M25.3None1-200FFPE, SFT, LEC
42 / MHypertension200FFPE, SFT
HL150001Steatosis47 / M27.1Diabetes (Type 2)001FFPE, SFT
HL150007peri-portal small droplet fat29 / M23.1Head trauma/MVA001FFPE, SFT
HL160024Inflammation (chronic), Sepsis (possible), biliary
62 / M35.2Diabetes (Type 2), Hypertension, Gout201FFPE, SFT, SC, HCP , LEC
HL150009Steatosis, Drug-
induced injury
37 / M29.4Chronic drug exposure002FFPE
HL160027Steatosis26 / M24.8None102FFPE, SFT, SC
HL160017Steatosis, cholangitis, fibrosis31 / M24.7Chronic Alcoholism, Hypertension122FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC
HL170053Mild portal inflammation. Very mild steatohepatitis.62 / M33.4Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, stent placement103FFPE, HCP, SC, LEC
HL150013Steatosis, inflammation, fibrosis45 / M35Diabetes (Type 2),
HL160014Cirrhosis, steatosis, inflammation (chronic)60 / M23.1Hypertension34ASHFFPE, SFT
HL160030Steatosis29 / M30.2Diabetes (type 2), Hypertension, Asthma002FFPE, SFT
HL180069No fibrosis, no steatohepatitis22 / M23.2Head Trauma / MVA002FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC
HL160032Inflammation (mild), Steatosis23 / M29.4None reported102FFPE, SFT, KC, LEC
HL160015Steatosis, fibrosis59 / M28.1Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia11a3FFPE, SFT
HL17004653 / F48.06Cardiac Arrest/ Anoxia11a3FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC, HCS
HL170048Minimally active steatohepatitis48 / F32Cardiac Arrest/ Anoxia113FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC, HCS
HL170058Chronic steatohepatitis, but not active58 / F38.3CVA/ Stroke123FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC, HCS
HL170065Hypertension, CHF, CHD, COPD57 / F60.6Anoxia/Cardiac Arrest, Type II Diabetes1-204FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC, HCS
HL170064lobular inflammation and mild fibrosis66 / M37Cardiac Arrest/ Anoxia215FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC, HCS
HL180071No active steatohepatitis52 / F44.4ICH/ Stroke104FFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC, HCP
HL170059Chronic steatohepatitis with 1C fibrosis67 / F37.5ICH / Stroke0-114FFPE, SFT, KC, LEC, HCS
HL160021Steatohepatitis (chronic, active), fibrosis44 / F34.5Diabetes (Type 2), Chronic Kidney Disease11a4FFPE, SFT, SC
HL160022Steatohepatitis (chronic, active),
45 / F29.8Epilepsy125FFPE, SFT
HL170049Cirrhosis, steatohepatitis34 / F23.8Anoxia / seizure14ASHFFPE, SFT, SC, KC, LEC
HL170066Hypertension, kidney stones51 / M37.7ICH / Stroke226FFPE, SFT, SC, LEC, HC
HL160041Steatohepatitis, fibrosis, ascending cholangitis, possible drug injury33 / M35.4None reported22ASHFFPE, SFT

FFPE = formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue of origin
SFT = snap-frozen tissue of origin
SC = stellate cells
KC = Kupffer cells
LEC = liver-derived endothelial cell

All histopathology assessment conducted by board certified liver pathologist and scored according to standard clinical practice.
*Inflammation and fibrosis were assessed using standard Batts-Ludwig scoring methodology (Scale, 0-4).
**NAFLD score (NAS) was assigned according to the standards of the NASH CRN Scoring System (Hepatology 2005; 41:1313-1321).

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