DonorMatched™ RNA-Seq
Data Library


SPECIES:   Human

TISSUE:   Liver

DONORS:   3 normal and 5 diseased

SAMPLES SEQUENCED:   Whole originating tissue + 4 isolated cell types (hepatocytes, liver-derived endothelial cells, hepatic stellate cells, Kupffer cells) from each donor, run in triplicates


DATA PACKAGE:   Raw RNA-Seq data (FASTQ), bioinformatics analysis report, donor histories, and cell characterization provided on 4TB USB external hard drive

RNA sequencing (RNA-Seq) was performed on lysates from DonorMatched primary human liver cells including hepatocytes (HC), liver-derived endothelial cells (LEC), hepatic stellate cells (HSC) and Kupffer cells (KC) along with whole liver tissue (WTi), from 3 normal and 5 diseased donors on the NAFLD spectrum as confirmed by a board-certified pathologist. Samsara’s RNA-Seq Data Library enables you to mine a comprehensive data set for known gene signatures and identify novel targets that are active in your pathways of interest.

• Next-generation sequencing using Illumina HiSeq® 2 x 150 bp configuration, single index per lane
• RNA with rRNA depletion method
• Includes both long non-coding RNA and mRNA
• Each cell and tissue sample is run in triplicate
• 30 million reads per sample
• RNA-Seq raw data files
• GO analysis
• DESeq2 analysis
• Splice variant analysis
• Quality control report provided
• Comprehensive donor history information
• Characterization data for each isolated liver cell type

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