Human Hepatic Stellate Cells


SPECIES:   Human

TISSUE:   Liver

CELL TYPE:   Stellate cells

FORMAT:   Cryopreserved following initial culture

Human Hepatic Stellate Cells (HSC) from Samsara are isolated from viable human liver by differential centrifugation and further purified using cell culture conditions. Cells are cultured immediately after isolation then cryopreserved at passage 0. Standard product characterization includes lot-specific post-thaw yield and viability as well as expression of Desmin, GFAP, α-SMA, and TE-7 by immunocytochemistry (ICC). Comprehensive donor history report includes medical history and board-certified pathologist assessment of NAFLD activity score and Batts-Ludwig fibrosis and inflammation scores. All livers come from consented donors and test negative for HIV I/II, HBV, HCV and Syphilis prior to acceptance.


VOLUME:   1.0 mL per vial

POST-THAW YIELD:   > 0.5 x 106 cells per vial

CELL SIZE RANGE:   12 – 29 microns

DONOR AVAILABILITY:   Healthy or diseased, single donor

Cell viability and yield determined by image cytometry AO/PI dual staining

Post-thaw plating to confirm characteristic morphology

Purity assessed by utilizing ICC for expression of Desmin, GFAP, α-SMA, TE-7

SHIPPING CONDITION:   Dry ice, Liquid nitrogen dry vapor shipper upon request


LONG-TERM STORAGE (> 3 DAYS):   Liquid nitrogen vapor phase

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